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GENERATIONS: Art Lee: An early summer letter to the kids

Hi again.

Art LeeSeems a bit different to be writing to you at your “home” because two of you are not home (Karin in Bozeman, Kristen today in Atlanta and just out of Louisiana) and Scott planning to be in Bemidji in a couple of weeks. Whew! We sure look forward to seeing in person so that we can “press the flesh and swap lies.”

A warm wet day this mid Saturday today; sky ready to open up again anytime. Got over an inch of rain last night. Even the newspapers are “wet” this morning. (House the same)

Last Monday, after supper, I went out and closed the garage door. A more boring and banal sentence would be hard to write again, except for explaining that our garage door has not come down since Christmas, when it took two of us to get it open! And it stayed open the entire winter. Not good. Anyway, our new garage door (black!) was installed Monday morning and it works well and is almost silent in its trips up and down. Its color will be turning to gray before too long.

There have been several (seems like more) needed/hired folks coming here to do what we used to do ourselves, e.g. the window washers came to do the windows both outside and inside; the house “bug/insect” sprayer sprayed the house; the A-C technician got our house cool/cold again. Then company, too. Last weekend, Eirik came from Norway and stayed with us two days/nights (we had a good time with him; he’s fun and funny and quick on the “uptake”).

I drove Eirik to the Norsk Language Camp on a Saturday morning, while Maddy was already there, going early to get her “life-saving” license. And also checking in was Karin in Bozeman to start her long visit of the summer. She goes back in late July. Karin and Kristen and Micah drive to Bemidji in a couple of weeks  (Rick not coming until July) They will hardly get here before Micah goes off for two weeks to German-Camp.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Gram has diligently been working at her flower planting, starting with four red geraniums in the kitchen window box; also the three “wooden tubs” are planted as well as the flower box behind the mailbox. Looks so nice! She’s very good at flower work even as she notes that the work goes a bit slower now than in the past. We went into town early this morning to Home Depot for more plants/flowers and on the way home, stopped at a couple of rummage sales and picked up a few things we just could not live without.

The whole countryside is now lush and green and the long winter is now the forgotten winter. Well, kinda. Such a contrast between now and then and I prefer the former. Fishing and fishing tournaments are back in the daily news. Same with the Playhouse. Same with  summer sports. Same with snarled traffic. Same with road repair. Oops, and also the high school girls’ softball team “went to state” for the first time ever for them.

We’ll get slowly back in the summertime pattern of living, at least in part -- like having pork chops on the grill tonight for supper. (Oops, unless it rains.)

Will close for now and wait for the rain to go away. . . and come back again another day, pork chops not withstanding.

Love to All.