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UPDATED: Police pursuit ends with car in Mississippi River

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: If our democracy crumbles, who will be to blame?

I took a break from reading and listening to politics during the Christmas week. Now I feel I need to do my part, which to me is to express my feelings again.

Is it too much to hope that we could trust our legislators, in both parties, to honestly work for the American people, do the job they were elected to do, nothing less? Our Republican politicians seem to be ignoring the antics of the current president; his dangerous and often childish twitter habits and name calling, his complete ignorance of what his role is as president and the contents of our Constitution. Ignore it all, but get the most out of your own agendas.  Democrats don’t seem to even have the wherewithal to fight back.

Why don’t people ask questions? Demand answers? Read the newspapers? Watch the news? A word of caution, Fox News is now being called “Trump News.” It should seem incredible to any thinking person the belief that only one television station is telling the truth, all the time, and that all the others are “fake news.”  That is just not possible. Many of our most trusted and revered veteran newscasters have expressed dismay and anger with the attacks on news reporting happening now, and the continuous accusations of “fake news” by our president. What self-respecting, mature, normal person talks and behaves like this?

You might read up on the history of Watergate during the Nixon administration, and compare that with what is happening today. We had a corrupt president then, and for a time the Republicans backed him, but in the end, worked with the Democrats to expose his crimes. This is far worse. This man is not in a normal mental state. Look up the definition for “narcissist” and you’ll see a perfect profile of our president.  Do fact checks; take the time to find out which stories are legitimate, and how much of what our president says is actually true. If our democracy falls apart, we’ll be the ones to blame for it.

Deedee Buettner