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UPDATED: Police pursuit ends with car in Mississippi River

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Washing hands best defense to ward off norovirus

I read your article (Jan. 5) about the type A influenza hitting hard up here right now and as a health care worker I can tell you I have seen that and also, I have read the statistics that the flu shot was off the mark this year and may only be 35 percent effective.

However, I also want to warn people of another virus that is rampant in our community right now. That is the norovirus. It presents with a temperature, vomiting and diarrhea. Normally it last 3-4 days, but the infection phase is before you know you are sick. It is spread through contaminated food and person to person. Washing hands is the best defense. It can be very hard and even deadly to the aged and immunology compromised and young people.

Please limit yourself from going around if you are infected. It is cold outside; stay inside and heal. We almost lost a relative to this illness and now she is in a nursing home for the rest of her life.

Jennifer Lamberson