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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We can fix our tax system by taxing the rich

Oh joy. New tax laws.

Experts dope out, at length, who wins and who loses. Meanwhile our tax system remains ridiculous. (See “A Fine Mess” by T.R. Reid, 286 pages.)

And the system's going to stay ridiculous until we elect the right leaders.

Meanwhile our taxes remain too low.

In a list of 35 nations, ranked from highest to lowest taxes, the United States is 31st, 43 percent lower than Denmark.

Where can we get more dough for the bridges and sewer lines and ill people? There are at least three places we should not get it.

A worker who cannot earn a decent living from one job, and who has no more than one child, should not have to pay an income tax.

Middle-incomers already carry more than their share. Business should not be taxed; business provides jobs. So where will the money come from?

From the rich, of course.

I believe most rich people do not object to huge taxes as long as our leaders spend wisely. If you have millions, what's another million here or there?

The rich already give away huge chunks: to charity, do-gooder funds, colleges and universities, the arts, politicians.

Even the rich who spend their stash on themselves -- for luxuries like polo, NFL teams, and fishing -- produce jobs. Someone has to make the fishing rods.

Yeah, but what if robots make the rods? Well, someone has to make the robots. Worse, what if robots make robots? Then we're in real trouble.

I have mixed feelings about estate taxes. Seems downright unfair to pay twice. Still, family clans just get richer.

It's easy to beat estate taxes. Have no estate.

Jim Johnston